Hello, I'm Rebeccah, and welcome to my blog!

I am a lifestyle and health blogger. I do this from my bed as I am currently fighting Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). My blog posts are a way of connecting to the outside world and often come from the point of view of disability and illness.

Before I got ill I used to love to bake, and still try to do this when possible, so hope to share some of my mothers and my recipes with you. The recipes will all be gluten, and refined sugar-free, as I am firstly a coeliac and have developed an intolerance to all dairy sugars since being ill. I also find that refined sugars exacerbate some my symptoms so avoid it most of the time. I am currently also following a low FODMAP and Interstitial Cystitis diet and my recipes will reflect these too - quite the challenge I know!

I enjoy reviewing places from the few times I go out the house and I am not at an appointment. I hope these will vary from restaurants to holidays and always include information for the disabled as I am in a wheelchair and use sticks.

As this is also a reflection of my life, there will be blog posts on anything that has sparked my interest.

I will also include blog posts on different aspects of M.E. which I have been suffering from since October 2006. I find these difficult to write sometimes but it is important to spread awareness of this horrible illness. Not only to educate others but also so that other sufferers do not feel alone. I have felt great comfort in reading blogs by other chronically ill sufferers and I hope to add positively to this community.

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