Friday, 10 June 2022

A Note Of Hope

A Note of Hope was created from a community of wonderful women who are chronically ill. Ellie, got us all together and for the past couple of years we have been supporting each other. Now, Ellie has created an Instagram account @a.note.of.hope as a supportive place for people with chronic illnesses to connect with each other through hope, shared experiences and to develop friendships.

I volunteered my story to be added to the Instagram account in its first month. If you would like to read my story and how it relates to hope please check it out here. There are multiple other stories on the page too and more will be added in the following months. If you would like to share your story please DM @a.note.of.hope and if you would like some support and hope in your life please give the account a follow. It will bring you great joy. Ellie is working hard to make it a hopeful place with all sorts of content. More projects are underway and the first has already launched which is a monthly book club run by Jess which you can join by simply asking to be added to the book group chat on Instagram. 

Ellie is incredibly passionate and motivated by this project and developing community and I think her words below sum up what A Note Of Hope is all about

"It is my hope for this project to become a safe space for people who are in the position I was 7 years ago…focusing on building friendships and promoting positivity when possible. I want to share stories that show not only peoples struggles but their passions, hobbies, interests…everything that keeps them going through the hard times, with the goal to inspire and give others hope. We are so much more than just our health." (Ellie, 2022)

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