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How I write my blog with extreme fatigue, brainfog and dyslexia!

Why do I write my blog?
I really struggle with writing because of having dyslexia, constant brain fog, extreme fatigue. Also, it doesn’t bring me that much pleasure, so it may seem odd to have paid for domain and a beautifully designed blog especially when I don’t publish many posts. However, having M.E. has made me often feel like I have lost my value or my voice. The restrictions of my condition means that expressing my thoughts is often not possible and I find this difficult to cope with. My blog allows me a safe space to be able to feel a bit more part of life. Creating a blog is a way of being able to share my experiences with others, to provide information for those who do not understand the illness, and possibly help others that also have M.E. 

How did my blog develope?
The first few years I just made do with a free domain and a bog-standard template. This did not give me much inspiration to express myself, and although I knew that my posting would be very sporadic, I wanted a proper website to make my mark in the world. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is classed as an invisible illness because its symptoms aren’t always apparent to the naked eye. Sadly being housebound can make one feel physically invisible too, and having a piece of the internet that is mine, even if I don’t use it much, has helped me feel a little less invisible.

How did I design my blog?
These days it is really easy to find people online to buy a blog template off or get a bespoke design for a small amount of money. Luckily for me I had a friend who is not only a whizz at website design but also a brilliant artist so I got in contact with her to see if she could upgrade my blog with blogger into looking more professional and pleasing on the eye. And, well, I love the finished article. She did such an AMAZING job! She asked for examples of other websites I liked and a list of my favourite things. She found a blog template, which we bought, and then went about drawing the artwork around my love of my cat Twinkle, the seaside, baking, my passion for acting and of course referencing my health. I spent a lot of time thinking whether I wanted to include myself in a wheelchair as I was still feeling pressure from the stigma of being disabled, but at the end of day it is my reality that, when I leave the house, I use a wheelchair. The blue ribbon is also a nod to my health as it is the offical symbol for raising awareness for M.E.
I would like to give her a shout out as I highly recommend her work:

Leonie Creates
Graphic Design and Illustrator Website:
Buy her beuatiful prints at:
Instagram: @leoniecreates

What do I write about?
This blog is in no way about work or having a brand. I didn’t have a particular focus in mind when I started it. I wanted it to evolve naturally and write about the topics I felt I wanted to write about at the time. The whole point was to give me space in the world and I didn’t want to restrict that. However I realised quickly after writing a few posts, that really, the type of content I was creating was just about my life and lifestyle. It is just a small reflection of my own thoughts, feelings and experiences of the world. It is no way supposed to be an aspirational or educational blog because everyone’s experiences are different. At the end of the day it is just a place for me to not be so invisible and express myself about things I do, my opinions on culture and my health experiences, when I feel well enough.

How do I write notes?
I have probably written hundreds of blog posts in my head, most of them will never appear as I do not have the energy to create them. Sometimes though they make it out of my swirling vortex in my mind and they tend to come out in different ways. Sometimes I speak straight into my devices, whether that be a tablet, phone or laptop, that converts my voice to text. Most modern devices and software do this very efficiently. I do also occasionally jot down a few notes in whatever notepad I have to hand. These notes are usually a stream of consciousness or sometimes as bullet points, or as poems. The finished article is always me speaking into my laptop and then doing edits by hand a.k.a typing! I find this is the quickest and easiest way to make my thoughts and ramblings that I have recorded or written down and put them into some sort of readable hopefully enjoyable format.
Although this is not a how to blog, I thought I would include some quick tips if anyone reading this wants to start a blog but is feeling overwhelmed!
1. Get some help either use Grammarly, the basic free service checks basic spelling and grammar, or ask a friend or family member to check it over.
2. Use whichever platform you find the easiest to work with. 
3. It does not have to be a paid for domain and have fancy graphics. If you want to get your word out there just start with a free template on whichever free platform you're using. 
4. If you do not know where to start look on Youtube for videos that cover how to start a blog. I recommend Meg Says. She is a fellow chronic illness sufferer with a successful blog and YouTube channel which she started from her bed! I have included her too How To videos on starting a blog below.


How To Start A Blog: Step By Step For Beginners | Meg Says

Top 5 Tips For Blogging Beginners (From A Full-Time Blogger) | Meg Says AD

4. As lovely as photos and graphics are if you do not have the energy to include them, then it does not matter. It is tempting to only put beautifully illustrated posts out but when you are limited on energy this can be a step too far and will prevent you from ever getting around to publishing anything.
5. If you want to include pictures but you are too tired to be able to take any then you can create graphics for free. I use Pablo by Buffer and the free parts of Canva.

My thoughts after writing this post

I nearly did not publish this blog because it felt so insignificant. However, now I know to not to press publish, would be to validate those feelings of invisibility and I do not believe anyone with a chronic illness is invisible and that should include me. I feel insecure about every blog I publish. I worry it is not good enough or I have made a mistake or even revealed too much about myself. At the end of the day though it is first and foremost a space for me, then a space for others with M.E. or chronic illnesses and other people. The only opinions that matter are my own and every time I press publish I am proud of myself for achieving something, and that is the most important thing.
P.s. I really hope there are not any glaring mistakes in this but I just want to get it out there now (as it has taken 10 months for me to be well enough to publish this)!

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