Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Simple Smoothies (for sensitive stomachs/bladders)

These smoothie recipes are: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, low fodmap, Suitable for Interstitial Cystitis, Paleo, Vegan and Grain Free
Scroll to the bottom of this post for ingredient tips!

My dietary requirements are complex and limited so it's rare I can actually have any smoothies or juices and I have to change recipes which never quite works, so I have come up with some of my own! I hope these three small smoothies maybe helpful to others with sensitive stomachs and bladders.

Number One
In a nutribullet add:
1. 80g Cantaloupe Melon
2. 40g Carrot
3. 1/2tsp Turmeric
4. 10g Macadamia Nuts
5. 60g water or nut milk
Pour into your favourite mug/cup/glass, sprinkle on some Cacao Nibs and is best enjoyed in the sun!

Nutritional Information:
Number Two

In a nutribullet add:
1. 40g Strawberries
2. 40g Cucumber (peeled)
3. 5g Macadamia Nuts
4. 50g nut milk
Pour into your favourite mug/cup/glass and sip this frothy refreshing drink!

Nutritional Information:
Number Three

In a nutribullet add:
1. 50g Cucumber (peeled)
2. 80g Cantaloupe Melon
3. 10g Spinach Leaves
4. 10g Macadamia Nuts
5. Fresh Mint Leaves
6. 20g Nut Milk
Pour into your favourite cup/mug/glass, sprinkle on some Cacao Nibs and relax with this delicious drink.

Nutritional Information:

When I'm near a 'Pret A Manger' I always rejoice as this is the only place that does a juice/smoothie I can tolerate. They have an utterly delicious carrot juice. It is just carrots (not even any lemon juice which I can't touch). It's light, sweet, refreshing and perfect if you need a little energy boost!

Ingredient Tips

As with all my nuts I activate all my macadamias to reduce the amount phytic acid as my stomach does tolerate it very well.
Nut Milks
I try to make my own but when I don't I will always use a brand that doesn't add emulsifiers and preservatives such as Rude Health, Provamel or Plenish. These added extras are not needed as I find irritate my bladder.
I tear any long stalks off before blending as me and too much fibre/cellulose are not the best of friends
As with the spinach sometimes cucumber skin doesn't agree with me (and it will alter the colour of the smoothie)
I find turmeric soothing on the stomach. However, somedays when my interstitial cystitis is worse than usual I avoid adding Turmeric as, along with other herbs and spices, it can cause me pain. It's important to learn and listen to your body daily as to what it can and can't cope with.
Cacao Nibs
These are 100% cacao and bitter to eat on their own, especially if you don't like dark chocolate. However they have a lot of health benefits so they are a healthy but tasty addition to the smoothies.

If you want a thicker texture to any of these drinks try adding some coconut yoghurt or coconut cream!

Nutritional Information is estimated using an app.

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