Sunday, 29 January 2017

A fresh bread that I can eat? NO WAY!

A fresh bread that I can eat? NO WAY!

In Autumn 2016 I discovered a new bread company and I'm in love with their products! They are called Artisan Bread Organic. A few of their products fit my dietary requirements (which basically are gluten free, dairy free, Low-Fodmap and Interstitial Cystitis diet) can you imagine how rare this is?!?!? The only downside is you can't just pick it up in the local shops (some health food shops do have their products) and you need to order a week in advance from the website, but really that is not a problem as I just order in bulk. They make their bread traditionally using a rice leaven, their bread contains no dairy, no gluten, no refined sugar, no preservatives, no gums, and lots of it contains no yeast!! It's organic too and freshly made, JACKPOT! The other fantastic thing is it contains no potato flour or starches which means my mum can eat it too. No more do we have to worry about crumbs from 'normal' bread as we can share the same loaves now. I've tried a few breads now and my favourites are:

  • Sourdough Bread: I can't really describe the flavour of this but it is soft and subtle and tastes good with everything. It arrives sliced which is great for putting into the freezer in an appropriate container. Although it does taste heavenly when its fresh and I always overdosed on it straight out of the packet!
  • Gluten Free Bites: Incredibly handy to keep in the freezer for a quick snack (in the middle of the night) and to use as mini buns etc. My favourite flavour is the quinoa one. I was surprised at this as I thought it would be too strong as I often find quinoa bitter, but it has a lovely taste and texture. I have also tried the rice bread version, which I do not like as much as it is verging more towards the bread substitutes we made or bought 20 years ago. However, heated up with some coconut oil or vegan spread on they are good. I will probably keep some rice ones all time as sometime I need something plainer for my delicate stomach and they are more soothing than the quinoa ones when I feel ill. In terms of texture and flavour the quinoa do win out for me. In fact I enjoy any of ABO's products made from quinoa and have found that once frozen and refreshed it is still springy, airy and light. All of their breads 'unfreeze' well but I find the quinoa loaf and quinoa bread bites come out the best after some time in the freezer!
  • They also do a buckwheat pizza base which we tried and it worked quite well, although was slightly cake-like in the middle. In the future we will pop it into the oven to start to re-cook through before adding the toppings, and try putting it on a pre-heated tray as well, for a more crisp finish. It was really good though and I cannot wait to re-order some. I have one stored away in the freezer to use as a tart or flan base as I think this will work really well and something they suggest on the website.


Tip: Order the tasting box if you are unsure. It comes with samples of about 12 of their products, just one slice of different breads/cookies. It costs £6 and there is a code for free delivery. It fits straight through the letter box and comes with a £5.00 off code for your first order if you like what you taste!

I have since had a few more orders from ABO, and my freezer is currently full of lots of bread, mostly sourdough as it can come pre-sliced. I would really like the option to have some of the other loaves arrived sliced so I can freeze them in a more convenient way (and I am not strong enough to cut them all up myself)! I am guessing they either wouldn't travel well or loose their freshness quite quickly this way.

They also have lots of other unusual things on their website from biscuits to jams to flours, I recommend taking a look if you have any allergies/intolerances/sensitivities. 

Well done ABO, you are the best on the market, with loads of variety and according to gluten-easters taste just like the real thing!

Oven-warm quinoa bread bites- delicious any time of day or night!

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